5 Secret Wedding Makeup Tips

Wedding Makeup Tips – Every bride wants to be the best on her big day, no question. As I worked in this industry, I gleaned a lot of tips and tricks, and I wanted to share with you my five essential tips that every bride should know about the makeup of her wedding. Most of them apply specifically to how the makeup will photograph.

Wedding Makeup Tips

1. Do not use translucent powder. Many of you are probably familiar with Makeup Forever HD Powder. Me too I like it – it gives you a brushed look and makes pores disappear. But did you know that in the photos, the HD powder (or any similar powder from elsewhere) will give your face a white and dusty plaster? A bit like you had flour on it.

This is bad news for bears. Even though this powder was probably undetectable in person, the high-definition photograph found all traces and made it accessible to the world. You can expect similar results in your wedding photos if you use too much clear / translucent powder. I recommend using a primer instead of a powder after. On this note …

2. Use products that will make your makeup last all day long. You can cry, laugh, sweat and everything else on your wedding day, and your makeup must be up to the challenge. You’ll need great primers and waterproof mascaras (if you’re a crying guy) to make sure you do not look like a bright raccoon at the end of the night. Make it stick and make sure it’s something that will come out only when you want it!

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3. Do not go to the sea on glare and glitter. Glittering and scintillating makeup can be fun in real life, but in wedding photography, it will probably give you a shiny look. No bride wants to look greasy on her wedding day! So stick to products that give you a glow of the interior and have a minimum or no glare. And remember, nothing will help your skin shine more than care!

4. Focus on one feature at a time. Just because you wear more makeup than usual on your wedding day does not mean we want you to look exaggerated. Any good makeup artist knows that, as in real life, you only want to play one function at a time. If you are going to make red and bold lips, make a neutral eye. If you are going to make smoky eyes, go for a more natural lollipop. You do not want to be like you in your pictures. Just because it’s your wedding, do not think you have to stack everything!

5. Have an emergency makeup kit in hand. You will want to have oil-blotter sheets, makeup cloths, cotton swabs, a lipstick or lip gloss, powder (but not translucent!) And concealer. It’s a fun project for your bridesmaid or bridesmaids to put together, so let them help if they want! You will also need other things (safety pins, floss, bandages, etc.) that you can use.

So now, you are all ready for your big day. With these Wedding Makeup Tips in your back pocket, you can experience marital happiness without having to worry about your makeup!