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Draft Day: What are the Philadelphia 76ers Looking to do?

The NBA Draft is a little more than three weeks away, but in typical Philadelphia fashion there is much controversy about what moves to make during the draft. Philadelphia sports has been a bit of an enigma on the front office level across the four major sports. The Philadelphia Eagles have essentially had three completely different teams over three years, the 76ers have been tanking and (to the uneducated eye) flopping in the draft, the Phillies have been miraculously successful in the middle of their re-building period, and a young Flyers team found themselves in the playoffs.

The obvious first question to be asked is “Ingram or Simmons” and to nip this question in the bud, the 76ers will take Ben Simmons. I’m done entertaining the idea of Ingram over Simmons, although I am worried about Simmons maturity, jump shot, and attitude, these are all things that can be fixed with time. Ingram is a shooter, something desperately needed on this 76ers team, but star power and ball-handling is much more needed. Both players could thrive in the NBA, both players have potential to be busts as well. The Ingram vs. Simmons debate, is open and shut, Simmons can lead a franchise, Ingram can help or save a franchise.

Ingram vs. Simmons is just the beginning of the speculation, the trade rumors currently floating around are revolving around the next two draft picks in the NBA may1816-embiid-slideDraft. The 76ers are likely to trade either Nerlens Noel or Jahlil Okafor in this draft cycle. They are targeting both the Lakers 2nd Overall Pick and the Celtics 3rd Overall Pick. The Sixers currently hold the Lakers future first pick, as well as, the 24th, and 26th overall pick this draft, all valuable pieces in a trade. Those draft picks mixed with Nerlens Noel or Jahlil Okafor could end up going to the Lakers for the 2nd Overall Pick, aka Brandon Ingram. Personally I would essentially trade any of the aforementioned draft picks or players to draft both Ingram and Simmons, but am a bit weary of the idea of trading for the Celtics 3rd Overall Pick in what is considered a two player draft.